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We are a design firm. From concept to completion, we help entrepreneurs tell their stories and change the world one idea at a time.

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It Starts with Our Why

Champ Creative launched amidst sleepless nights and uncertainty…

No different than any start-up, small business or major corporation that began with an idea, dream or vision. Today we have the honor of helping entrepreneurs and businesses cultivate their brands from seed to harvest and beyond.

Our How

Creativity takes time. We start with getting to know you both personally and professionally and in turn your business or products. We can’t do our job without listening and learning. The more information we have, the better we can contribute, evolve with your vision, execute solutions and ultimately, tell your story.

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1. Authenticity

in our relationships, actions and words.


2. Appreciation

for our who, what why and world.


3. Curiosity

with an openness to shift paradigms beyond limits and labels.


4. Creativity

in all regards.

hand shaking

5. Connection

with intention, purpose, respect, integrity and honesty.


6. Cultivation

of our family and stability with continued growth and learning.


7. Contribution

to society by engaging, volunteering and being the change we want to see.

How much should I spend on marketing?

Most small businesses set an annual advertising budget at 10% of gross revenue. Marketing should be considered an expense and budgeted for at the beginning of every year. As part of your business budget, you'll find it much easier to plan a consistentmarketing program.

What is my budget?

Only you can know for sure, and it is entirely up to you to decide. Most professionals and consumers who aren't in advertising design are surprised by how expensive it can be. Remember that you are paying not only for a creative service, but alsoa tangible product used to promote an idea or identity. For the most accurate and realistic information on the value of branding, design and illustration services, you can look at The Graphic Artists Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines.

How much will this cost?

Champ Creative bills for services in three different ways, depending on the preference of the client: (1) by the hour, (2) by the project, or (3) by a monthly retainer.

When billing by the hour or project, Champ Creative charges an hourly rate for services. When jobs are quoted on a per-project basis, you will receive a cost estimate. This proposal will include costs related to Champ Creative’s services.

Clients who opt for retainer billing are able to purchase marketing and design hours "in bulk." With a retainer agreement, a pre-determined number of hours are packaged under a set monthly price.

How can I reduce project costs?
  • 1. Planning, planning, planning. Understanding what you want to accomplish, and conveying this clearly to Champ Creative, will ensure that our work reflects your objectives and expectations.
  • 2. Numerous client alterations can dramatically increase time and your cost. Invest more time up front ensuring you provide complete and accurate information.
  • 3. Providing approved and proofread text in MS Word or other text programs will prevent typesetting charges/changes/corrections.
  • 4. Take digital or print proofs seriously. Carefully reviewing materials submitted for your review helps prevent errors early on and can prevent costly misprints.
  • 5. Annual advertising contracts should be considered when planning to run ads within a specific media outlet or publication consistently over a period of time. A 12-month contract for billboards or newspaper advertising, for example, can possibly save you up to 50% over paying for ads on a monthly basis.
  • 6. If you like (or dislike) a particular "look," color or style, communicate this to us clearly from the beginning. Bring samples of work, text, ads, brochures, etc., that convey your personal taste. Supply existing brand elements that should be incorporated, at the beginning of a project.
  • 7. If providing logos/art, ensure that they are "press-ready," (clean, vector or rasterized, black & white or color, requiring no retouching, color correction, editing or manipulation). This helps avoid related charges to "clean up" your logo or art to make it presentable and usable.
How are project costs estimated?

Based on previous experience with other projects, Champ Creative will estimate how many hours may be required for your project. All this information is compiled into a written proposal that provides a "ballpark" idea of what your project should cost. Please note: If you make changes to your original specifications, you will be invoiced for the additional time (see also: Additional fees for revisions.)

What is the billing cycle?

50% of the estimated project cost is due in advance, with the remainder due at completion. For projects that take longer than 30 days, billing is sent periodically for the portion of work that has been completed and expenses to date.

How long will my project take? Will rush fees apply?

Champ Creative strives to complete projects as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible. When you need a project done your project is prioritized to meet your deadline. A rush fee is a percentage of the total added on to compensate for unusually rapid turnaround. For expedited deadlines that require adjusted schedules to accommodate it, rush fees may apply.

What is the procedure for design projects?
  • 1. Determine your budget before initiating a project. This will help Champ Creative decide what techniques and effects will work for your project and let us know whether we need to create "shortcuts" to meet your budget. Great design, photography, illustration and print pricing can and should be flexible, and we always try to find the most efficient yet attractive solution to fit your budget.
  • 2. Outline the project and determine a schedule (when you need it), final output requirements (what size and colors), and how the art is being produced (full-color press, print shop, digital, home printer, or copier.)
  • 3. Call us to discuss your project. After talking, we will email you a proposal with a price, deposit request, schedule, and the turnaround you can expect. Generally, we provide a flat rate based on an estimation of time that will be incurred.

    In some cases (for very large or long-term projects), an estimate will be provided up-front, and hourly billing will be submitted periodically instead of charging a flat rate.
  • 4. Once you have approved the quote and sent a deposit, work can begin. See Fee Payment Schedule (on your proposal) for specific information.
  • 5. The remainder of the creative process is described in your project phase area (on your proposal).
  • 6. Final art is delivered to you or your production source (printer, publication, etc.) The final art is provided as digital files if executed electronically. Traditional art may be delivered via actual physical art or digital scan, depending on your preference and technical requirements. (Usage and permissions vary by project; see below.)
  • 7. The final payment is due upon completion and an invoice for any balance/expenses—minus deposit or previous billing, plus any additional charges for rush or extra revisions—is provided with the delivery of the final art. This invoice is due 7 business days after its submission. (Late fees and interest are applied to overdue invoices; see proposal terms.)
  • 8. Payments can be received via check, ACH, credit card, money order or cash at the present time. NOTE: If you choose to pay by credit card a convenience fee will be applied to the total amount.
Will I be billed for meetings and phone calls?

Yes. When Champ Creative is consulting with its clients or on behalf of its clients, it is considered billable time. You are paying for our consultation services, expertise, and time spent on your account.

What other charges should I expect?

Champ Creative charges for expenses related to each job, such as travel, printing, shipping, copies, proofs, stock art, etc.

How will I know how many hours were spent on my project?

Champ Creative tracks all time spent on each project. The Client’s approval shall be obtained for any increases in fees or expenses that exceed the original estimate by ten percent (10%) or more.

What are kill fees?

Kill fees ensure partial compensation for our commitment of time when a project is terminated for reasons not controlled by Champ Creative (business fails, project gets "killed"). Charges for services rendered will be approximately as follows:

  • 30-40% of fee if cancelled during Phase 1
  • 50-85% of fee if cancelled during Phase 2
  • 95% if cancelled during Phase 3
  • 100% if cancelled upon completion of final artwork
Why are there additional fees for revisions?

It is an industry standard to include one to two rounds of minor revisions to refine a composition, idea, or text. Anything beyond that is billable. For example: You originally choose a concept after our Phase 1 presentation. But after subsequent Phase 2 production, you decide to pursue an entirely new concept or direction; this would be considered an extensive and job-changing revision.

Will Champ Creative work with my existing staff or consultant?

Yes. Champ Creative is happy to work with your existing marketing staff, or coordinate with your favorite designer, webmaster, photographer, or other professional with whom you've had a positive working relationship.

What are permissions and usage rights?

This section typically applies to illustrations or photography. Permissions and usage rights specify when, where, how many times, and by whom the art can be used before further compensation is necessary. For instance, you may get a quote for an illustration to be used on a sign.

In a year, if you decide to use the same illustration on a billboard, you are obligated to make an additional compensation agreement with the illustrator because the original use no longer solely applies. Project pricing is partially determined by distribution and usage, and there are options for buying exclusive full rights to art. Please provide as much information as possible up-front for a complete quote. It is important to note that the creator always has the right to show the work for self-promotion unless additional, significant compensation is provided—usually along with a legally binding confidentiality agreement or contract.

How does Champ Creative handle intellectual property rights?

Final files, created by Champ Creative, become the full property of our clients once all invoices for the project in question have been paid-in-full. We reserve the right to keep a digital copy of materials created in our archive, and the right to use materials created for self-promotional purposes.

What's the difference between final files and working files?

You are provided with final files at project completion. They include all you will need to produce your final product, but in most cases you cannot make changes to them (because it's not technically possible). Working files are the files we use to make adjustments during revisions, etc. Champ Creative retains ownership of working files. For example: When you purchase a car, you receive an assembled product; anything beyond the delivered car that needs adjustment requires a mechanic or technician. By that example, we provide you with a final assembled file, and can make any future adjustments by using the working files. Arrangements can be made to transfer ownership of working files to you for future use on your end at an additional cost. (see The Graphic Artists Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines for industry standards)

What is DPI?

Dots per inch (dpi) refers to the density of information within a file. The dpi determines the maximum physical size an image can be enlarged before it becomes pixelated (image loses clarity and looks like a Mosaic). The higher the resolution, the better—so if you're providing images for use in a project, please always provide the largest possible files. Please contact us directly if you need assistance determining the size of a file.

What is the difference between print resolution and screen resolution?

Standard print resolution is 300dpi. That means a printer needs a 300dpi file to print an image without pixelization. Screen resolution is 72dpi, which means a computer screen needs a 72dpi file to make a good visual representation. IMPORTANT: Screen resolution files (such as images on a website) have only 20% of the image information necessary to print. A postcard-size on a website would actually print as postage stamp-size. Remember this when trying to use files from digital cameras or internet images.

A file designed for web (screen) use cannot be easily adapted for print use. It must be designed or recreated "from scratch.”

What is bleed?

Bleed defines image area "bleeding" beyond the edges of a printed page. Art for such projects must be slightly larger than final product size (trim size). IMPORTANT: Some output methods (like a home printer or copier) cannot provide bleed, since a margin is necessary.

Papers, output, and folds.

Output (how art is printed and what it's printed on) will greatly affect the cost. Fancy folds, intricate cuts, spot colors, or custom edging may affect your price. For instance, postcards with rounded corners might require the printer to create a "die” to cut the special, non-square shape. In the case of special finishing requests, various sources are consulted to determine accurate pricing and ultimately deliver the results you desire.

Printers and other vendors

We select printers and other vendors based on their service, quality, and prices. Any service provider we use is recommended due to their history of quality work and ability to meet technical requirements and turnarounds

Our What

We are graphic artists, storytellers and brand managers. Our intention is to ensure your brand connects with individuals on an authentic and emotional level. We like thinking big and are driven by the challenge to create something new and inspirational… even if we’ve never done it before.

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Our Who

Christian Horvath

Principal | Creative Director

Christian is an artist / singer/songwriter. Upon graduating Magna Cum Laude from Trenton State College’s Advertising Design program, he moved to California in 1994. After many years as an Art Director, he founded Champ Creative in 2008. He is passionate about his family, exceeding client’s expectations and his community.

Christian also serves on the Redondo Beach City Council and as the TEDxRedondoBeach organizer. He is grateful for the daily gift of sharing what he does best... Helping clients realize their goals and vision.

chris chris

Michelle Charfen


Michelle is Christian’s wife and co-owner. While not engaged in day-to-day activities, she has lent a hand to business development and account management over the years.

Michelle is an Emergency Medicine Physician who also recently founded Centered Parenting to support parents, educators and individuals working with children, offering workshops or seminars in Southern California. Watch Michelle’s TEDxTalk, Unconditional Positive Regard: The Power of Self Acceptance. She is passionate about learning and loves time with her children, family and community.

michelle michelle

What They Say...

Christian is a remarkable and unusual combination of creativity at the highest level, and attention to detail. If you want someone who can think out of the box and yet deliver world-class work on-time and over and over again, partner with Christian. He is also likable and easy to work with, and he cares about getting to a great outcome that works for his clients.
-Dennis Welch
President, Articulate PR and Communications
Christian is a fantastic professional and excellent to work with. His work is outstanding, on time and on budget. I recommend Christian without hesitation.
-Stephanie White
Marketing + Brand Strategist
Christian is professional at his craft. We recently contracted Christian's company “Champ Creative” to build a host of different graphic and media elements. No matter how unreasonable the request, he is always able to beat our expectations. It became apparent right away that Champ Creative needed to be our partner in all media applications. I would recommend him for many reasons, but his resourcefulness, integrity and creativity are the core of why we have chosen Christian.
-Noel Bonn
President & CEO at The Hummus Guy
Working with Champ Creative is a true pleasure and I recommend their services without hesitation. Christian Anthony has worked on numerous projects for Dynamic Systems over the years, all with exceptional results. We know Christian to be a constant professional. Christian's team always has innovative ideas and they have the technical and creative skills to execute flawlessly.
-Mardi Norman
President & CEO at Dynamic Systems Inc
Christian has been instrumental in building the “Blue Zones Project” brand in the beach cities. He is creative, efficient, and professional and his sense of humor makes him a joy to work with when there is a tight deadline. He is passionate about the work he does but he is also passionate about the community he lives in, which makes him a particularly strong asset on a local program that has nationwide potential.
-Paige Lapen
Community Coach at Healthways, a ShareCare Company
Christian and Champ Creative have done a great job creating engaging & effective marketing materials, logos and graphics for my start-up company and the business association that I work with. His professionalism, creativity and ability to fully understand our current and long-term needs served us well. I highly recommend his marketing, branding and conceptualization/design services. He always delivers on time, under budget. Thank you Christian, we look great because of your efforts!
-John Gran
Product Development & Operations Executive
We engaged Christian to take over management of one of our websites that was transferring to new ownership. He managed the project extremely well and everything went off without a hitch. The new company was very happy with the ease of transition and the capabilities that Champ Creative brings to the table. This could have been a problematic transition, but it was one of the easiest projects I worked on this year. Christian is great!
-Charlotte Doepker
Vice President, Marketing at Keenan and Associates
Christian is a creative thinker and hard worker. During our time working together, he has made an impact on our company’s branding. He updated our brand's appearance creating a much higher quality feel while following direction towards a theme of comfort and class. He brings a fresh vision and unique perspective to our marketing department. I highly recommend Christian and Champ Creative to anyone or any company looking for a true creative partner and visual/media expert that can handle graphic design in any medium.
-Lineth Lopez
Promotions Manager at Sexy Hair Concepts

Our Where


Redondo Beach, CA.

ph: (310) 933-1378